• Upload a Text  Document description and  numbers of Audio File based on Tracks Quantity selected for MIX with follow information:
  • Upload Audio Raw Mix (if possible) and/or detailed descriptions how we will have to Finalize the MIX
  • Indicate in the descriptions the song  that we have to refer to
  • File Document descriptions and Audio file format (.wav .mid .doc .jpg .pdf .odt .txt .rtf)
  • Audio File minimum 48Khz 24Bit (we suggest 96Khz 32Bit)
  •  Max Audio files 100MB each, max lenght 6min.

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The origins of stereophonic sound and stereo sound

The technical foundations for the recording and playback of two separate audio channels were laid in the 1930s. At that time, the inventor Alan Blumlein had developed an embossing process for vinyl grooves, which is still used today. The first market-ready stereo records were pressed in the 1950s. This was the start for the two-channel sound becoming more and more widespread from the 1960s onwards.

With all the innovations in audio technology of the past decades, stereo has remained a constant as a reproduction method. Despite digitalisation, dual-channel sound is still widespread, for example in radio and television. Even sound bars do not usually deviate from the stereo principle: In the sound bars, a sound stage is basically created via two channels. The sound transducers inside are arranged accordingly and tuned to each other.

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